Grow with the Jacuzzi® Brand
Growing with the Jacuzzi® Brand

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See how others have grown their businesses with the Jacuzzi® Brand. High-performance, attractive designs. An array of features at many price points. Continual innovation. Support from the experts.

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Jacuzzi Group: Putting People First

Happy people make happy customers, says Rob Burns, director of retail operations of Jacuzzi Ontario, one of Jacuzzi Group’s largest Canadian spa dealers with seven showrooms in the region. Since the pandemic hit, Jacuzzi Ontario has made significant changes to all its employee processes in order to accommodate an ever-evolving industry and world.

For starters, pre-pandemic, Jacuzzi Ontario was open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. “That worked when we were doing $25-million in revenue, but last year we jumped to $34- to $35-million, and you just can’t run a business that big with those store hours,” Burns says. “It became apparent very quickly that there was a huge psychological strain on everyone from the pandemic, and if you’re working all these hours and not making time for your family or your mental health, then that’s the road to ruin.”

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